Collection: 3D Prints

Using recyclable materials, PLA or Polylactic Acid (derived from things like cornstarch and sugar cane) layers are printed via a computer aided machine to make your creation come to life! 
These lightweight yet durable items will vary from earrings to spice up your work attire or night out attire to toys for fidgeters to something cute (or snarky) for your desk, we've got you! 


    If you're looking for the viral dragons and dragon eggs, I will NOT be printing them, however checkout @Oleon3D or click the button below! Oli & Whit will HOOK you up!

  • Toonz Factory

    Authorized Seller of Toonz Factory designs

  • Flexi Factory

    Authorized Seller of Flexi Factory designs

  • Zou3D

    Authorized Seller of Zou3D Designs!