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18 Count Egg - Plastic Reusable Chicken Egg Carton - Holds 18 Eggs

18 Count Egg - Plastic Reusable Chicken Egg Carton - Holds 18 Eggs

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Looking for a punny way to keep your eggs in the fridge or contain those FRESH eggs on your counter? I have what you need!

Each Container holds 12 Eggs (1 Dozen) the lid doesn't lock onto the top, but does stay on and allows for them to stack. Sayings vary and the Lad will even offer personalization if you would like your Farm/Family name on them or something less Punny! These are great for the chicken lover in your life, the farmer, the friend you need to ge a gift for or just having in your own home to provide a laugh when you see them!

These items are hand-wash only (NOT dishwasher safe), they should not be soaked or scrubbed with excessive force as this could cause the decal to peel off the item. By purchasing you are agreeing to have read this information on the item and it's care to preserve the design.

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